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  • SwitchDev in Ubuntu Zesty

    Hello everyone! Been a little while since I posted a blog entry. I’m at the OpenStack summit in Boston this week, and I am doing a demo of Mellanox’s SwitchDev running on Ubuntu 17.04, Zesty Zapus. By default, we at Ubuntu enable SwitchDev in the Kernel. Also, because Zesty is running the latest stable kernel […]

  • Setting up a Virtual Router on KVM

    Hello everyone! Not sure how helpful this article will be, but I found it quite helpful for myself, and I just want to really just write down what I did so that if I have to do this in the future, which I have now done this about 16 times in the last 4 years, […]

  • SwitchDev in Ubuntu-Core? Yes Please!

    Hello fellow Snappy and Networking enthusiasts. Welcome to my next blog post. This post is mostly to go over building SwitchDev into the Snappy Kernel using the latest kernel. It’s fairly straight forward if you have read my blog entry on how to build a custom kernel snap. I will touch on that a little […]

  • OpenVPN Server on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a good start to summer. I’ve been extremely busy as usual, but I had a moment of time to start this new HOWTO, How to Install OpenVPN in Ubuntu 16.04 so that you can connect to your home machines or browse the Internet safely from anywhere in the world. […]

  • Kids of the future?

    Funniest thing I heard tonight in IRC (yes, I know I’m old but we use this for work, way better then private chat programs, it allows for us to interact with customers directly and collaborate and come up with solutions quicker) there was an argument happening about solving a problem and one of the put […]

  • Success in building a Kernel Snap in snapcraft 2.8.4

    Wow! Talk about a crazy week. And it couldn’t have been better. After many days trying to get a working kernel in Snappy Ubuntu Core with customized Kernel Modules built against the kernel into a single snap bundle was easy is like saying giving a cat a bath is easy (I did that today as […]

  • Had to rebuild

    Hello, Don’t think too many of you noticed this site being down, but I had to rebuild it. I had a firewall issue that had to be corrected, and during the initial configurations, all the moving pieces wouldn’t play nice, so it was easier to rip it all down and start over from scratch. So, […]