Kids of the future?

Funniest thing I heard tonight in IRC (yes, I know I’m old but we use this for work, way better then private chat programs, it allows for us to interact with customers directly and collaborate and come up with solutions quicker) there was an argument happening about solving a problem and one of the put downs was “Your parents met on Everquest!” And he replied back, “Yeah, they did and and I met my wife on Xbox live!” Think about that for a second. Video games and interactions online are creating the future humans on this planet. While some people might say that’s messed up, is it really? We used to meet people in bars, or by totally chance, but now people can meet doing the thing we like, and what we like to do, play a video game with death match killing someone. Go online, shoot them in the face with a gun, tea bag their corpse, and then ask if they want to be friends after the times up. Next thing you know, you have something in common with them besides that you like to kill zombies and kick field goals, but you like hiking and fishing and surfing.
People say that I don’t want my kids playing video games because they are not interacting with kids. I say, sit down, and watch your kids play. My son, who has Aspergers, is a hero online. People look up to him online. He gets other kids asking him how to do things. He’s “normal” online. No, he’s normal all the time, he’s just judged differently online.
So, before you say that the Internet is bad, and online is bad, take a step back, and realize, your parents could have met killing each other in Doom. ????

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