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  • Install Ubuntu-Touch on BQ Aquaris M10 FHD

    Hello everyone! This blog entry is mostly for those of you that want to play with Ubuntu-Touch on the BQ Aquaris M10. You can actually purchase this tablet from BQ directly, but they have been sold out for a while, and I really wanted to have one. So, I bought the Android version, which isn’t too […]

  • Quake3 Arena Dedicated Server on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hello everyone!! So I decided to blog this since I haven’t seen this documented anywhere else. All other HowTo’s explaining how to do this are so outdated that it pretty much would make your server obsolete. So I decided to write this blog post for anyone out there that wants to run this really old, […]

  • Livepatching the Kernel in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

    Hello everyone and Happy New Year! I hope 2017 has started great for everyone out there. So I have been playing around with Canonical’s Livepatch service on my Ubuntu 16.04 servers and I have to say, it is pretty slick. I run two KVM hosts that run various servers and containers so that I can […]

  • Deploying SwitchDev with MAAS

    Hello! So in this post, I’m going to show how to deploy a Mellanox switch with the latest firmware installed using Canonical’s Metal-As-A-Service, or MAAS. It’s actually pretty easy since with the latest release, 16.10, it has SwitchDev already enabled. There are just a few little things you need to do to make this deployment […]

  • MAAS 2.0 and DNS

    Hello everyone! Been a while since I wrote a blog entry. I updated my network topology last night to accommodate for guest access and to separate my personal network from my work network to keep my video game consoles and my cell phones off of my external facing network and firewall them up better for […]

  • My replacement phone is here, so why do I miss my Ubuntu phone?

    Hello everyone! I had my iPhone stolen at a baseball game I went to on July 3rd. Because it was a Sunday, and the next day was a holiday in the United States, I was told I would get my replacement on Tuesday the 5th. I couldn’t wait that long to be incommunicado, so I […]

  • SwitchDev in Ubuntu-Core? Yes Please!

    Hello fellow Snappy and Networking enthusiasts. Welcome to my next blog post. This post is mostly to go over building SwitchDev into the Snappy Kernel using the latest kernel. It’s fairly straight forward if you have read my blog entry on how to build a custom kernel snap. I will touch on that a little […]