Deploying Whitebox Switch ONIE images with MAAS

Hello, So I spend a lot of time deploying switches in my lab for my job. I also really like Canonical’s tools for managing infrastructure and bare metal servers called MAAS, or Metal-As-A-Service. It can deploy servers better than really any other solution I have used in the past, including Red Hat’s Satellite, Microsoft’s Windows… Continue reading Deploying Whitebox Switch ONIE images with MAAS

Deploying SwitchDev with MAAS

Hello! So in this post, I’m going to show how to deploy a Mellanox switch with the latest firmware installed using Canonical’s Metal-As-A-Service, or MAAS. It’s actually pretty easy since with the latest release, 16.10, it has SwitchDev already enabled. There are just a few little things you need to do to make this deployment… Continue reading Deploying SwitchDev with MAAS