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  • Minecraft Server for Ubuntu 20.04.2

    Hello everyone. I hope you are all doing well. I am writing this blog entry because I created a Minecraft server for my kids some time ago, but I had a hardware failure in the system and never replaced it. At the time, it was no big deal since the boys decided that they were […]

  • RetroPie on the Intel NUC Hades Canyon

    RetroPie on the Intel NUC Hades Canyon

    Hey everyone! Been a while since I wrote a blog and I figured this would be a good one. So, because of the COVID-19, and everyone Social Distancing and schools being closed down. I decided that I was going to do a project. Me and my boys love retro gaming. We have used RetroPie in […]

  • Setting up Unreal Tournament 2004 Game server on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hey everybody. Been a while since I wrote here. Figured I would write up a howto to setting up a Unreal Tournament 2004 server. I really love this game. It brings back tons of memories, playing this when I was in the Navy with my friends on the sub. My boys have some break time […]

  • Quake3 Arena Dedicated Server on Ubuntu 16.04

    Hello everyone!! So I decided to blog this since I haven’t seen this documented anywhere else. All other HowTo’s explaining how to do this are so outdated that it pretty much would make your server obsolete. So I decided to write this blog post for anyone out there that wants to run this really old, […]